About Dysgraphia

Best speech therapy center near me, Best speech therapist near me, Dysgraphia In the word dysgraphia dys means difficult and graphia means writing. Dysgraphia is a learning disability that affects the individual’s writing ability. It can affect children’s and adults both. Symptoms Incorrect spelling Incorrect captalization Mixed uppercase and lowercase letters Difficulty in copying words Unusval space between words or letters of words Poor eye hand coordination while writing Holds pen and pencil tightly Slow writing Omitting letters and words from sentences Substitute letter and words Difficulty with concentration Hand writing is not neat and clean Lack of confidence and anxiety Difficulty in planing and executing writing task Can’t able to write in a straight line Poor hand writing Difficulty with fine motor skills Ex. Tying shoes, closing buttons Difficulty understanding homophones and what spelling to use Synchronization difficulties like writing and thinking at the same time Excessive erasures Watching hands while writing-depends on vision while writing Irregular letter size and shape Frequently depends on verbal cues Difficulty visualizing letter formation beforehand Unfinished letters Difficulty in following rules of sentence structure or grammer when writing.

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