Autism Treatment in Amritsar Autism Treatment in Jalandhar Autism Treatment in Ludhiana Autism Treatment in Sangrur Autism Treatment in Jagroan

Who treat patients with Autism(Autistic spectrum disorders) ?

-Most or the people in India are not aware for Autism. – People go to Pediatrician about Autism. – Go to a Pediatrician , but pediatrician are not able to do their assessment & diagnosis or autism completely well. – Awareness is needed a lot. – We do not even consider Autism to be a diseases. It is a problem, for this reason Autism cannot be treated. – There is not much improvement because of the Autistic people have given medicine or whatever they give. – Autism can be cured through an inter-displinary approach. – Therapist is the role or people in which many therapist work. – A multidisciplinary approach & treatment together can lead to or improve Autism- Speech therapist , Occupational Therapist , Behavioural therapist. – Mainly Speech Therapist has most important role in what is he because it totally works on cognitive development & eye contact , on Behaviour, on his attention concentration & try to fix them completely trying to bring Autism children to normal.

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