Hearing Aid(कान की मशीन)

Hearing aid machines are neither cheap nor expensive. The cost of a hearing aid machine depends upon the amount of hearing loss, type of hearing loss, and the profession of the patient. For the people who use hearing aids, the cost also depends upon how much voice they need to hear. The hearing aids must provide the solution to all types of hearing problems of the patient. There are mainly five types of hearing problems. First of all, some people can hear but not understand. Secondly, when the patient is talking among a group of people, then the patient can hear but not identify the voice of the individual members. Thirdly, when the patient is watching TV with their family, and the TV is at a distance of at least 5 to 7 feet, and if only the patient needs to increase the volume, then it is a hearing problem. Fourthly, if the person is talking in traffic, they can hear but not understand, then it is a hearing problem. Lastly, a person from any professional background cannot hear their voice clear then it is a hearing problem. So, these are the five hearing problems that can be treated with hearing aids. The hearing aid that can solve the particular problem of the patient completely is the one they must choose. The hearing aid may cost from 10,000 to 2,00,000 Rupees, but you must always choose the right one. An expensive hearing aid will be useful for any problem. That’s why you must consult with an audiologist in your area before buying a hearing aid. You must follow some tests and trials before deciding to buy the type of hearing aid you need.

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