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Individual And Group Therapy In individual therapy, there is only one child or adult and one speech therapist in speech therapy session while in group therapy, there is two or more childs or adults are present in speech therapy session. Groups are made on the basis of age, and level of the childs. Advantages of group therapy Development of social skills Individuals begin to interact with other individuals. In group therapies, the individuals give support to others and receive support from others. Group therapies helps in developing communication abilities. Group therapies are more affordable as they are less expensive then individual speech therapy. In group therapies, the individuals can share their issues with others having same problem without any hesitation. Disadvantages of group therapies In group therapies, therapist’s attention is distributed between the groups. The individuals who are shy, agressive, etc are not able to fit in the groups. In group therapies, the therapy goals are not made according to individual needs. In group therapy sessions, the information about individuals issues is not remain secret.

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