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Voice disorders are disorders of pitch, loudness and quality. Voice disorders may be functional or organic Functional voice disorders-the voice disorders that does not have any organic cause. Ex. Vocal polyps, vocal nodules, psychogenic dysphonia, etc. Organic voice disorders- the voice disorders that have a organic cause.Ex. laryngeal cancer, laryngitis, etc


Breathy voice

Harsh voice


Inappropriate pitch

Inappropriate loudness



Strained voice, etc


Neck trauma

Swelling of vocal cords

Excessive yelling and shouting


Excessive throat clearing

Throat cancer

Vocal abuse or misuse

Alcohol consumption

Upper respiratory infection

Stress or depression

Emotional trauma

Smoking, etc.

Treatment- Voice therapy A non surgical treatment for voice disorders.voice therapy includes exercises which helps in producing our best voice. Who provides voice therapy- Speech therapist or voice therapist A professionalist who has master’s or bachelor’s degree in audiology and speech language pathology.

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