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Aphasia is a language disorder in which the ability to express and understand written and spoken language is impaired. Aphasia is classified into two main categories I.e fluent and non fluent aphasia Fluent aphasia In this type of aphasia, the ability to understand speech is impaired while the ability to express speech is remain intact but the spoken language is meaningless. Reading and writing abilities are also affected.Ex. Wernicke’s aphasia Non fluent aphasia In this type of aphasia , the ability to produce speech is affected ie. Limited vocabulary, short sentences, grammatical mistakes etc. and the ability to understand speech is remain intact. Ex. Broca’s aphasia or expressive aphasia. Causes- there are different areas in the brain which are responsible for expressing and understanding of language. Damage to these language areas of the brain leads to aphasia. Brain injury Stroke Traumatic brain injury Brain tumors Brain infections, etc. Symptoms of aphasia Symptoms depends upon the damaged area and type of aphasia Difficulties in communication Weakness and paralysis of limbs Difficulty in following directions Difficulty in answering questions Meaningless sentences Difficulty in repetition of words and sentences Naming difficulty Writing difficulty Reading difficulty Difficulty in understanding and expressing speech Difficulty in formation of sentences, etc. Treatment of aphasia- Spontaneous recovery some people with aphasia show improvement in communication abilities without any treatment while some people don’t show any improvement. All peoples with aphasia require speech therapy. The rate of recovery is increased when speech therapy is started just after injury in spontaneous recovery period. Who provides speech therapy- Speech and language therapist. Who is a professionalist having bachelor’s or master’s degree in audiology and speech language pathology.

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