Voice therapy techniques, Voice therapy exercises, voice therapy for singers

How to stop vocal misuse and abuse? -maintain a healthy lifestyle and diet Avoid eating spicy foods Include whole grains, fruits, Vegetables in your diet Get enough rest Exercise regularly -avoid speaking in noisy environments -avoid consumption of alcohol, caffeinated drinks like coffee, cold drinks etc, they will dehydrate the mucosal layer surrounding the vocal cords -avoid tobacco consumption -don’t shout – avoid screaming -use mic where you need to speak loudly -drink plenty of water, water helps in maintaining adequate lubrication of the mucosal layer surrounding the vocal cords, drink minimum 8 glasses of water daily -take voice rest, like other parts of the body, the vocal cords need regular rest -avoid coughing and throat clearing frequently, gargling with warm water to loosen mucous in the throat -don’t whisper -speak at a comfortable loudness -reduce environmental sounds such as tv, radio etc while speaking -don’t overuse your voice For more information contact to a speech language pathologist near you. Speech language pathologist can teach you how to use your voice more efficiently through voice therapy, how to properly clear your throat and how much liquid to drink. View more at: null

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