What is Stimming?

Stimming is also called self stimulatory behaviour. It is one of the many diagnostic symptoms for autism .

Types of stimming

Verbal and auditory stimming- stimming related to speech and hearing like repetition of learned speech, rhymings, alphabets, numbers, snaping fingers, tapping on objects, humming , making high piched noises, etc. Visual stimming – stimming related to vision like flapping of hands, starring at objects, put objects in lines, eye blinking, Turning lights on and off, etc. Tactile stimming- stimming related to the sense of touch Rubbing hands, open and closing fists, scratching hands and objects, tapping fingers, repetitive hand motions, etc. Olfactory stimming- stimming related to smell Smelling objects, tasing objects, licking hands, toys, etc. Vestibular stimming- stimming related to the sense of balancing and motion Jumping, spinning, to and from motion, side to side motion, etc.

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